David Perdue

The Purple America Coalition is endorsing U.S. Senator David Perdue
 in his runoff against Jon Ossoff January 5, 2021.

About David Perdue & Why We Support Him

Track Record of Perdue’s Bipartisan/Centrist Views and Actions

Supports moving towards a balanced budget and away from perpetual deficit spending

Supports enacting term limits to negate the effects of structural incumbency

Authored the PROTECT Act to protect Americans with pre-existing conditions

Supported the First Step Act which removes mandatory minimums for first time, nonviolent drug offenders

Examples of Perdue’s Support of Inclusive Capitalism

Supporter of Senator Tim Scott’s Opportunity Zone bill, which has a primary aim of catalyzing investment in economically disadvantaged communities

“If there were more bipartisan problem solvers in the Senate like David Perdue, we would be better off as a country”
 — Tim Scott

Supported establishing permanent support for HBCU’s

Endorsed by the NFIB for support of small business

But aren’t we concerned about Ossoff’s insider trading charges against Perdue?

We take every ethical charge seriously. We thoroughly investigated Ossoff’s claims with the assistance of a securities industry veteran. We found the same thing that the DOJ did, that there was no basis of fact behind the claims that Perdue engaged in insider trading. What we did find, that alarmed us, was a clear pattern of distortion in Ossoff’s claims. It is clear to us that he has attempted to provide slanted information in his accusations to create a perception of guilt, for example:

He mischaracterized a company as a “PPE” stock even though they derive less than 10% of revenues from PPE and have witnessed a revenue decline overall due to Covid.

He cherry-picked three stock trades during the period of review from over thirty to paint an overly biased picture. For example, he claims Perdue sold Caesars Entertainment because of shut-down risk, and he omits the fact that on the same day his portfolio purchased Delta and Disney which were also at a similar level of shut-down risk.

The list of false claims goes on, and on. We have provided an in-depth report that you can access here that shows why every claim that Ossoff has made, is an inaccurate reflection, intending to slant voter perceptions negatively.

With 61% tax rates at stake for Georgia, the stakes are too high to take Ossoff’s claims as fact. We invite you to educate yourself, as we did, and vote on your principles, as we are.